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Rye Playland is a Local Treasure

Rye Playland is a Local Treasure

Like all amusement parks the best time to go is when there’s rain or even better a THREAT of rain. And thanks to the Rye Playland is a Local TreasureNYC meteorologists that possibility is always around.

We hadn’t been there in about a year and things have changed some. Playland seems to have upped their game (I Know they upped their prices) and we went with our kid, her cousins from Cal. It was 3 hours of Kiddie Land, 1 hour of Pina Coladas for the lucky one’s who didn’t have to drive home!

So here’s the thing about the rain. I’m there with 3 kids – so how many times and I going on the Floom, or water ride de jour anyway. Face it, my and my iphone are getting wet and that’s that. Do I care about rain? No.

As Marvin Abrams, world’s greatest camp director used to say “It’s not raining till it’s raining”



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