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Ah, Quinn the Eskimo – encore

by Jon Hemlock

No-one will ever call the Meadowland a great venue for a shows, but as dead-meadowland-ticketalways, the band did their part and the NY crowd (always there and into it) was providing enough energy for 200,000 people.

I was there with a couple of buddies who has taken the trip up from DC to catch a few shows, the spring tour being one of our lesser goals, what with those Summer Stadium tours and the great fall swings thru Madison Square Garden coming around in the fall. But who passes on a change to catch the boys? Not us that’s for sure.

The band had their resurgence in the yuppified world of the late 80’s on the back of Touch of Grey – the title was a sort of Jerry mini – autobiography – and it was great to hear them play the tune and to get it out of the way – a lot like hearing Truckin’ was always fun – but at a surface level (when the band could always get so much deeper).

Looking back at it now – we all got such a huge kick out of coaxing Phil to sing Box of Rain – he’ll never be mistaken for one of the Three Tenors, but we’re a big family and now that he’s becoming a headliner of his own, it’s great to see he’s shaken off what we all perceived as his reluctance to step up to the mike.


I don’t know if I’ll ever hear anyone play Quinn the Eskimo again, nonetheless as an encore – but it was so damn much fun to see a band not taking themselves too seriously, and a crowd connecting with them, feeling the same way. Loved every second.

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