Queen & Paul Rodgers in 1986 – Miami

by Marcio De La Cruz Gomez

Well, I live in Lima, Perú; and I like Queen since I was 10, now I’m 18… and I never, in myTicket_Concert_Queen+Paul dreams, thought that I would be attending a Queen concert (although I knew Freddie was not here) but the last year I found out, by looking on the Official Queen web site, that the guys were about to hold a complete tour in the States; so I told that to my parents and ask if I could go, and since I was doing great in the university, they accepted. They bought to me a return ticket to Miami, the concert ticket and some vacations extra pays-for another one, this wouldn’t be wow, but it was too much and at the same time all I wanted (I think I won’t need any Christmas or birthday gift in the next 10 years 🙂

So, I was there, with my Dad, some days before the show, asking for my ticket in one of the American Airlines Arena box offices, taking photos of the builiding and imagining how would be the show. Then, the day of truth, we were having a good time in Miami Beach, then we managed (because it was Friday noon) to go home for lunch and a change of clothes, we returned to the AA arena at 6, my dad left me in one gate, because he couldn’t get a ticket for himself (all the tickets were sold within a fortnight or so), and suddenly I was alone with tons of Queen fans, a huge number of people for me, (maybe is that I’d never seen more that 200 people gathered together to see anything related to Queen before)and I sat in one step of a staircase, after that a lady came and we began to talk about Queen, she told that she saw them three times, onxe in Beacon Theatre (didn’t remeber the date), the other in Miami 78, and the other in Washington 82.

Queen-+-Paul-Rodgers-NorthWe entered to the arena and bought some souvenirs; then each of us went to their seats. I still can remeber, that the first song that came through th P.A. was Hell’s Bells from AC/DC, it was so loud that the people there tought it was the beggining of the concert, evryone stood up and began to cheer up and clapping. It was just a song to light up everyone there. After 3 or 4 more songs, the concert started. It amazed me the way how they play, just a little mistake in FBG (I was confused because I believe that this time they were about to play White Man).

The way how the images in the big screens appeared, to show us all the Queen/Paul carreer over the years, was so shocking and unforgettable; the same for the Freddie singing that night. When I heard Dragon Attack, I thought that they were going to play a different setlist, but I think it was OK, as the U.S. didn’t see them for a while. Evryone sang Love of My Life, FBG, Bohemian Rhapsody, the “ready Freddie” part in CLTCL, We Will Rock You, the claps in GAGA, WATC, it was all as I expected.

I wanted to take pictures of them, near the catwalk, in the finale, but a big fat lady of security didn’t allow me. I also wanted to take pictures of Trip Khalaf, but 3 security guys told me to go outside, in the end I took a lot of pictures but without any posing. It was a pity, and somehow moths later I looked some pics in the internet from some Peruvians, including a famous humorous actor of ours, taking pictures with Danny, Jamie and Spike.

Overall, I would be one of the best experiences in my life, if not the best, although it would hard to choose from many family trips, and some other solo/friends trips.

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