Queen in Birmingham, UK – 1973

I saw Queen supporting Mott the Hoople at Birmingham Town Hall, in 1973. They queen-ticket-stubwere at the time unkown although I had heard keep yourself alive on the radio but did not know who the artist was.

As usual at most shows there were a lot of Bowie fans and no one wanted to see any support band.

Half of the audience were in the bar when queen made their entrance on stage.

Freddie if my memory serves me wearing all black runs on stage and says hello Birmingham… Silence, then someone shouts “f… get off ya c…t”. Freddie replies “charming”.

They proceeded into the set and song by song the audience started coming back from the bar. By about the fifth song they were fantastic. I was up the front with all the Bowie gang loving it and you could tell they were a brilliant band. I was a drummer and ranked Roger Taylor up there with John Bonham sonicly and for sheer dynamics. Brian May blew everyone away with his home made sensational sounding guitar playing. John Deacon played a steady punchy bass line.

The funny part of the show was Freddie doing a high kick and landing on his ass, The band cracked up and Freddie visibly winded, carried on whilst lying on the floor as if it was all part of the show. What a showman.

The Freddie haters in the crowd never let up after that moment and he was a marked man, the final insult was poor Freddie received a hot dog right in the face on their last song, he was visibly crushed, tomato sauce all over his face and neck.

I was from that moment a huge fan and saw every tour they did in the UK and US.

I still talk about that concert to my friends who were there that night.

by Paul Gough (courtesy of

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