Peter Max showcasing his work in Houston

I always have enjoyed his work as being a hippy in the latter 60’s his work and Andy Warhols works were as wild as the times. ( I had met Andy Warhol when he was on a tour of the U.S. at The Museums Curators House). I was thumbing through the newspaper events section on my computer, and was thrilled to see Peter Max showcasing his work in Houston at one of the nations top shopping Venues,”The Galleria”.

I called to make reservations. So we went up to spend a few hours admiring his work. Sipping Peter-Max-Gallery-Invitechampagne and eating cheese. He was mainly concentrating on people who were buying his paintings and prints. The cost was in the Thousands, I did talk quite a bit with one of his agents, and I saved a bunch of stacked up lithographs from falling over.

His real name, Peter Max Finkelstein, October 19, 1937. He is a German-born Jewish American illustrator and graphic artist. At first, works in this style appeared on posters and were seen on the walls of college dorms all across America. Max then became fascinated with new printing techniques that allowed for four-color reproduction on product merchandise. Following his success with a line of art clocks for General Electric. Max’s art was licensed by 72 corporations and he had become a household name. In September 1969 Max appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. Peter-Max-Imageswith an eight-page feature article as well as the Johnny Carson Show and the Ed Sullivan show also.

Max’s art work was first identified as having been a popular part of the counter Culture and psychedelic movement. in graphic design during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. His work was both influenced by, as well as widely imitated by, others in the field of commercial illustration. Peter Max says he was solicited by Yellow Submarine producer Al Brodax to work on the film. Although Brodax denies this, Max claims to have a contract, which he cannot locate, to back up his statements.Peter Max says, “I never claimed any ownership to the Yellow Submarine, except I kind of probably styled the direction in which it went. As you remember, Al Brodax used to do the Jerry Lewis and the Dean Martin cartoons before he did The Beatles cartoon on TV. It was considered a late 50s, early 60s art look-oblique. He did The Beatles like that on TV and John Lennon hated that. He didn’t like that look. And through John Lennon’s wishes (he was a big Peter Max fan) Al Brodax called me, and Brodax wanted me to design and art-direct the whole film. At the time, he offered me, God knows what, I think two and a quarter million dollars to do the film.”

It was a lot of fun spending the afternoon talking to him about the 60′ & 70’s, how many different styles of art was coming out. What a wonderful time to experience new artforms, never seen before. Peter Max is an environmentalist and defender of human and animal rights too, one time In 2002, a cow escaped from a Cincinnati, Ohio slaughterhouse by jumping over a 6 foot fence. It took 11 days to catch her. Thanks to Peter Max, she was safely brought to the New York shelter of Farm Sanctuary, where she lived out the rest of her life. Max was influential in starting a Cow Parade which is  the largest and most successful public art event in the world. Peter-Max-Cow-ParadeCowParade events have been staged in over 50 cities worldwide since 1999 including Chicago (1999), New York City (2000), London (2002), Tokyo (2003), and Brussels (2003). Dublin (2003), Prague (2004), and Stockholm (2004), Mexico City (2005), Sao Paulo (2005), Buenos Aires (2006), Boston (2006) Paris (2006), Milan (2007, and Istanbul (2007).It is estimated that over 100 million people around the world have seen one the famous cows.

Over $20 million have been raised through worldwide charitable organizations through the auction of the cows, which take place at the conclusion of each event. Over 5,000 artists worldwide have participated in CowParade – professional and amateur, famous and emerging, young and old. Just seeing a great icon’s work and just a simple wave of appreciation made for an enjoyable afternoon.

Thank You Joseph Terrazas


  1. Dear Sir.
    As much as I enjoy my Peter Max prints, Collectibles and Memorabilia ( I don’t collect canvases any more), I should clarify that he did not intervene at all on the Yellow Submarine project, as it’s very well sustained by perhaps the only interview of Heinz Edelmann, creator of that work, by Mr. Robert Hieronimus in 1993 –

    Also, I believe the cow that is portrait in this image is from either Britto or Macie Ziv.

    Ed Gugliotta

  2. Ed Gugliotta, thank you fior your time, but i saw him on the todat show with katie couric showcasing the painted cows. i seen it myself.

    1. You would be right, it is Peter Max’s Cow. My neighbor has 2 of them, and the previous owner of my house had one, which he donated to a museum in Texas

    2. You would be right, it is Peter Max’s Cow. My neighbor has 2 of them, and the previous owner of my house had one, which he donated to a museum in Texas.

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