Peter Gabriel – And it Did Rain, Not Red Though

by Joseph Terrazas
Houston, TX Woodlands Pavilion

Was a nice evening for a concert, a 25 years old pop musician from Uzbekistasn, Sevara Nazarkhan, opened up for Mr. peter-gabriel-ticketGabriel. She was playing a stringed instrument called the dutar a 15th century 2 stringed instrument that is plucked and not strummed and has a voice that breathes in ancient tradition.

Singing a few popular central Asian folk songs, she’s a famous pop star of that region. She was very unique, nice act to open up. Peter Gabriel has long been a proponent of cutting-edge technology and grand theatrics. On his Summer 2003 North American tour, He brought his usual great backup band, featuring. a five-piece instrumental ensemble with Ged Lynch (drums/percussion/congas), David Rhodes (guitars/backing vocal), Rachel Z sevara_nazarkhan(keyboards/backing vocals) –  her characteristic musical intelligence and development of her genre has made her one of the most exciting female jazz musicians of the twenty-first century and Tony Levin (bass/electric and Part Time king crimson Bassist) – cello/backing vocals), and Richard Evans (mandolin/guitars/dobro/whistles/backing vocals). In a nod to well-deserved nepotism, Gabriel’s daughter Melanie (backing vocals), provides some understated yet simply stunning contributions.

While each is a unique presentation in and of itself, the set list primarily consisted of the same core material, spanning the breadth of Gabriel’s solo career. There were two large video screens on either side of the stage, during the song Growing Up he and his daughter Melanie were riding around the stage with Segways, weaving between the other musicians. He always throws in some sort of spectacle in his shows, one time after a performance the whole band walked into a suitcase then disappeared.

I talked to different people of all ages and countries sitting by me, and he appeals to every age group and every ethnicity, he is loved the World over. His Voice, it sounds like he eats a handful of hot sand as it is so gravaley, and  Rustic suits him perfectly. He opened up with, More then this, then the song Secret World,  then Games without Frontiers, Mercy Street, then In Your Eyes ( which is considered one of the greatest love songs of all time).  Then came the incredible Song “Red Rain”.  On  CD it and the song  “That voice again” the drumming was just so incredibly mechanically perfect and  pronounced, What great work, but during the song Red Rain, some swift winds came blowing in and knocked down the left screen monitor and it started raining. My date and I covered up with our lawn blanket, but it didn’t seem to help and seemed like no end in sight, I really protected my concert program as I collect them from every concert, so the whole crowd sitting in the lawn section, peter-gabriel-programstarted walking away towards the parking lot and those lucky ones sitting under the covered section got to catch the rest of the show. After Hurricane Ike destroyed that venue they rebuilt it and extended the roof and there are no grass hillside cheap seats anymore.

Seeing Peter Gabriel was a lot of fun as he’s done a lot of great songs and is admired worldwide also for his contributions to different Charities and freedom causes, According to Pollstar magazine, The Pavilion ranked fifth in its listing of the top 100 amphitheaters in the world based on the number of tickets sold in 2011. The Pavilion’s ticket sales totaled 277,099 for shows played between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2011.

Thank You Joseph Terrazas

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  1. Deare friends, i get my information from The Concert program and had found recently that every concert i had gone to, I had cutout the newspaper review the next day and saved them in the programs. thank you. J.T.

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