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Patti Smith concert in Central Park

Patti Smith concert in Central Park, a night to remember.

This was a great concert but first let’s set mood, it rained the whole weekend and we were soakingPatti Smith Ticket Stub wet standing on line before they even opened the gates. The Dr. Pepper Central Park Music Festival was held at the old Wollman Rink from 1977 to 1980. Being an ice skating rink it was flooded from the rain, so we stood on our chairs during the whole performance.

We were able to get seats center stage in the 2nd row and rock the night away, until they pulled the plug on Patti. The stage was not really protected from the rain and it was dangerous for band. Patti was great as always. It’s noted on the internet that there a recording of Patti at CBGB that same day but she was in Central Park performing for us. I do remember some guy was climbing the stage rigging on the right side, Patti just looked at him and security got him down.

pattismithbuttonThe night is somewhat a hazy being drenched and just seeing a great show, we when back to our places with great memories of summer night in NYC.


  1. Holy smokes. I was describing the concert to a co-worker earlier today and your description of it is virtually identical to mine! I came in from NJ with a woman named Sharon Turco, who happened to be a HUGE fan of Smith. We were soaked but ecstatic.

  2. Hey there. I just got my hands on a live tape of Patti Smith Central Park Aug 11, 1979. I just transferred the tape and it sounds pretty good. contact me if you want a copy.

  3. I recall the first few or five rows being blocked off for Press or something….but with the puddles under the chairs no one was sitting there….maybe they were blocked off because of the huge puddles….stretching it, to recall that, but I do recall being up close, in the first two rows….and it was brilliant.
    Can’t recall gig ending early….as you can see below 2 shows that day…

    11 August 1979, Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York, NY, USA (afternoon).
    We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together, So You Want to Be (A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star), Dancing Barefoot, Redondo Beach, Kimberly*, Pumping (My Heart), Revenge, It’s So Hard, 25th Floor, For Your Love (The Yardbirds), Seven Ways of Going, Land, Because the Night, Frederick, 5-4-3-2-1, Hymn, All Along the Watchtower, Jailhouse Rock, My Generation
    Soundcheck: Cold Turkey, You Really Got Me, Oh Boy

    Note: Special guest *Kimberly Smith.

    11 August 1979, CBGB, New York, NY, USA (evening)
    Glass Factory, Redondo Beach, Song For Jim Morrison, Kimberly, Dancing Barefoot, Space Monkey, Privilege (Set Me Free), 25th Floor, Cold Turkey, For Your Love, Revenge, Frederick, Seven Ways of Going, Poppies, All Along the Watchtower, The Spider and the Fly, So You Want to Be (A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star) , 5-4-3-2-1, Twist & Shout, My Generation

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