Pat Metheny Group

By Mickey M

I have seen Pat Metheny and the Group in concert many times and this was a very special night. Pat, his Pat-Metheny-Group-1983group and the audience were all one. They played many new songs and some of the truly great ones from the first album San Lorenzo, Phase Dance and Jaco.

Pat doesn’t name is songs until after their completed, so as the concert when on they were performing new material that had no titles. During a break I had to dash to the rest room, ran into one of the Roadies, who stated Pat was having an excellent time, the audience was great and it was a special concert.

If you want to listen to great Contemporary Jazz Album pick up or today download to your ipod the Pat Metheny Group first album, you will not be disappointed. Pat Metheny and Pat Metheny Group have  received both Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album and for Best Jazz Fusion Performance many times.

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