Page and Plant – Their Unleaded Tour

by Joseph Terrazas

Their Unleaded Tour
(Unleaded, Meaning they didn’t bother bringing long time Bassist, John Paul Jones??? )

Early into the show Page seemed to be content to play second fiddle to Plant as he set the page-plant-ticket-stubdirection early on, until Page broke loose with Heartbreaker, then solo after solo. He displayed the daredevil chops that turned the blues inside out and pointed the direction for Ritchie Blackmore,Ted Nugent, Eddie Van Halen and a host of other hard rock maniacs.

He broke out the Cello bow for Babe I’m Gonna Leave You. They weren’t backed by an Egyptian orchestra as the last tour but had all the elements covered. They had the 13,000 people at the outside venue rocking, they looked healthy and happy to be together again.

The first encore was Ramble On then finished the show with Rock N’Roll. I’ve always enjoyed Jimmy Page’s work as he’d always add different elements to his songs (Donovan credited him with playing the first Power chord ever recorded on the Hurdy Gurdy Man – 1967), no one had ever filled a gap on a song with such moaning and groaning.

Thank You Joseph Terrazas


  1. Deare friends, i get my information from The Concert program and had found recently that every concert i had gone to, I had cutout the newspaper review the next day and saved them in the programs. they are very, very old. thank you. J.T.

  2. To the People that Give Me Crap about my adventures and love of Music. I had follwed, Read, and suffered along with these fantastic musicians.I’ve kept the concert programs of shows 25 years ago. “who can remember what an artist wore or intensity of his guitar after that long of time?? I’ve presented my storires along with the critics reviews and my own memories. and adventures, with the group. Why don’t you all go through my adventures and suffeing in life. seeing my parent die when i was young. their music was all i had.i and it got me through my suffering.I have experienced My Life and My adoration of these fantsatic artist. in other words get you a your own life!! and hope you had been thoughtfull in life to have kept you own ticket stubs. JosephTea@Aol.Com

  3. I don’t see who would give you any trouble about your musical accounts. I have gotten to see some fantastic memorabilia throughout the years through our friendship.
    Keep rocking, Joseph!!

  4. Debbie DAniel, Deb Thank you so much, I didn’t think anyone read these things. how nice of you. Deb i just sent in my stubstory about the Black Sabbath Concert in houston last month. they haven’t put it up. can you send me your E-mail so i can tell you about it? it was the best show i’ve ever seen.I made the great Leap from new age back to Sabbath. ‘And I’m an old Man Too”!! I mean it was just the best. thank you so much. Joe T.

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