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Page and Plant or a Wedding….Hmmmmmm

Two tickets here, but only one used. Being a big Zeppelin fan, but having never gotten a chance to see the band live, I was excited to see Page and Plant touring in 1995, and I got a ticket to their show at Madison Square Garden. Soon after, I was invited to my step-brother’s wedding that same evening, in NYC, which I couldn’t miss.

I managed to buy a ticket to the 2nd MSG show to go on sale, but a much worse seat. Alas, it was a great show, and even a successful marriage — they have three kids and are going strong.


    1. Man I love those guys.i think their great work was in their simple folk songs like that’s the way” Gallows pole. on Zeppelin 3 was the best.they’d throw in alot of different instruments like the steel guitar, the 12 string guitar,on “Gallows pole” leading you into a little village. John paul Jones said that was the 1St Time page ever picked up the Banjo.. and on “The battle of evermore” that Haunting Mandolin playing .what incredible talents.thanks great experience.

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