Pacino – One Night Only

by Joseph Terrazas

Al Pacino came to Houston to do a question and answer event at the Jones hall. The pacino-ticket-stubhall was packed with 2,100  very content fans, he was very amusing while being questioned by a member of the Houston Performing arts, they showed film clips of a lot of his well know movies and he talked about and showed his unknown movies.

He was talking about the Godfather and how the director Francis Ford Coppola had to beg the studio for each great actor. (they wanted Danny Thomas to play Don Corleone!!!)- But Coppola had to plead for each one. He grew up in New York’s South Bronx, initially wanting to become a baseball player but fell under the spell of theater after seeing the production of Chekov’s (the Seagull). He honed his craft working various Theatrical productions from 1963-1967.

pacinoHe was very comical and had a lot to say of his friendships with other great actors. He talked a lot about how he’d get into the soul of a character he was about to portray. He is very grateful to his fans and shows it in his theater work by his closeness to the stage, in one story he said he was doing  (David Mamet’s) play American Buffalo. Where he told the Audience that he felt a strong prescense from the audience, something just burning at him. It really enhanced his performance which drew out the best in his fellow actors. well after the second curtain call he had to see who was staring at him with such intensity, so he walked to the edge of the stage and it was two seeing eye dogs. What a delight to see a true American prodigy. If he comes to a town near you I strongly suggest to go see him.

Thank you very much. Joseph Terrazas

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