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OzzFest & Sooooo Much More!

Ahh, it was time, yet again, to enjoy a show of our choosing. Seeing how we had bought the “wrong” tickets for the show (Ticketmaster sold us tickets for the seats at OzzFest NOT the pit area as we told them this is what we wanted) we had an extra large gang with us to enjoy the show.

Anthony (a 16yr old, friend of the family) and Alyshia (my 20yr old sister) were kind enough to purchase tickets for the pit and traded Kelli and I for our crappy seat tickets. (Kelli and I, at the time are 21, we are both female with brown hair and are often asked if we are sisters or twins. Which we are neither.) And, my dad came along for the ride.
June 28, 2006, the day before the big show and were on our way to Cle Elem, Washington to our hotel (Suncadia for those interested to know). Mind you, this was a 5hr 58min drive from stinky little Bend, so we had lots of time to sit, think, and enjoy each others company! It was about 2 hours into the trip when we made the decison to stop and take a break. We pulled over at an old, stankty little quaint, gift store/ mini mart. There was nothing good there, almost everything was expired but, “Ooh lemonade, my flavor-rite!” I exclaimed in a sarcastic, serious tone of voice. What everyone else got didn’t matter because they weren’t trip changers.

Back in the car and on the road, everybody started munching and drinking their goods and making fun of the nasty little store. I opened my lemonade and stuck it between mine and Kelli’s leg (I was on the left hand side of the car, Kelli in the middle and Anthony on the right hand side) thinking it was smashed enough in the back that it wouldn’t cause any troubles. But, while leaning forward to grab a book, the bottle of lemonade squeezed and oozed a sweet and sour nasty little surprise. “AAARRGGHHH!!” Kelli yelped out. Lemonade had gotten all over her legs and lap. Laughing, and trying to apologize for my moment of ill judgment I tried to help clean the tasty and precious lemonade mess by giving her napkins. Finally, the long, hot, sticky ride came to an end. We got to the hotel and crashed for the night.

June 29, 2006, the big day!!! Kelli and I were ever soo excited to see one of our all time favorite bands- System Of A Down! Before leaving the hotel I was unsure on what I wanted to wear. It was a nice summers day, we were going to be in the pit, I didn’t want to get too hot and over heat… my Sevendust tank top would do the trick! I put it on and sloppily appiled some sunscreen to my shoulders. (Little did I know, I should have not been soo careless with my application). We packed in the car and got to the venue nice and early so we could be front and center. We took our places in line where my Dad got a ticket for for the lawn off of someone.

We got into the venue, walked over to the second stage and watched Strapping Young Lads set, and they were pretty good. They opened with their well known song “Love?”. Time passes by, Anthony met Lacuna Coil, got their autographas and finally it’s time to let people go into the arena area and get to their seats, or spots of their choosing. Kelli and I got to our rightful spots, front and center on the barracade in front of the stage. We were ready to be smushed through 5 bands to be there for when System of a Down came on. The first band, Dragonforce, came on and rocked us silly with their 80s sounding music.

Lacuna Coil was next and put on a very good set. They played their hits and coverd Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” (Which was also on their latest CD “Karmacode”) They were done and left the stage and at this point, there were more people in the pit area and they were starting to push. While waiting for Hatebreed to come on, there was a surge of people pushing, which made the barracade lift up and come undone. We were standing the barricade, close to the part which connected it to the next one and there was a space between the two.
We called over the event staff to look at it because we knew, if it were to get crazy, the barracde would burst open and everyone would go spilling onto the ground, with us being at the bottom of the dog pile. The event staff looked and it and shrugged it off saying “well, if that comes down they all will.” ?!?!?! Uh, okay, so that’s not something to be worrried about? Soon after that, Hatebreed came on, and what happened? People went crazy, started pushing and this was lifting the barracade up off the ground and it was being tipped forward. Event staff came running over trying to push it back into place, while it was lifting more and more.

“People were trampled at the Who….” my Dad’s words rang in my ears. He had told us about what had happend at a Who show on December 3, 1979 and those words were always in the back of my head. Kelli and I made the heartbreaking decision to split because we weren’t willing to be smashed to death (possibly) and miss the rest of the show. We got our asses out of there and wondered up to the seating area to find Alyshia and Anthony. We found them and told them our story and how bummed we were about it. My Dad showed up and boyd did he have a story.

While Kelli and I were enjoying our time in the pit, my Dad and Anthony had an adventure of their own. Apperently while sitting on the lawn area, Dad had spotted Ozzy! He was up there, giving autographs and taking photos. Dad ran down to the seating area (mind you, he has bad knees, so it was more of a hobble) where Alyshia and Anthony were, to tell them who he had seen! He grabbed Kellis and my bag of merchandise (which we had bought while killing time before getting into the pit and left with them to gaurd), grabbed Anthony and took him back up to the lawn area to meet this rock god. They got to where he was at, Dad dumped the bag out, grabbed our concert books, and had Ozzy sign them. He and Anthony also got photos with the Ozz man. Dad was telling us how cool Ozzy was, and how down to earth he was. He said he was telling Ozzy we had come from Bend, Oregon. Ozzy said “You’re from bend over?” And Dad said (laughing) “No, Bend, Oregon.”
We were shocked! What an amazing story and they had photos taken with Ozzy! This story lifted our spirits.
Little did we know… this story would take a sad turn when we got the photos devopled. Back to the show, we kicked it in the seats while Avenged Sevenfold came on and played. Disturbed was coming on and after them SOAD was to come on. We decided that we were not to be defeated! A couple of songs into Disturbeds set, we slithered and jumped our way 3 rows from the front. We rocked out to the rest of Disturbed and while waiting for SOAD to come on, we managed to get closer to the front and were on the right hand side of the stage (Shavos’ side).
System of a Down came on and opened with “Soilder Side Intro” and played an amazing set full of their classics and Daron played his version of “Mr. Rodgers Theme.” They closed with “Sugar” and at the end of the song, Shavo tossed his wristband to the crowd and Kelli was lucky enough to catch it! Satisfied, we went back to the seated area to watch Ozzy. After the show, Dad made the grueling driving trip home (overnight!). We got to Bend in the AM and decided to hit up Walmart to develop the photos of Ozzy with our boys and someone needed new undies. Also, at this time it was discovered that I was terribly sunburned. I had white handprints on my back and a very red chest :(. It ended up blistering and being very nasty. I cried in the shower a couple of times just looking at it. We wrapped up our trip to Walmart by grabbing the photos and running out to the car to see them!!!
Kelli and I were the first to see them. We pulled them our and our big smiles slowly faded… this was not Ozzy… this was an imposter!!! We never had the heart to tell Dad that he had met a fake, Anthony knew deep down, after seeing the photos that it wasn’t the real thing. To this day, unless he’s figured it out, we’ve never told my Dad it wasn’t the Ozz man. If you saw the photo, Dad is just glowing in it, doin the “devil horns” with his hand and all. He looks soo happy, so excited we just couldn’t break it to him. So, that’s my story, 100% true.

Hope you enjoyed it. ::Peace::
To see photos from the show, check out my set:

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