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Opening Day 2011

By Gary S.
2011 opening day game at Yankees Stadium was a cold early spring day with a very little drizzle turning to Opening-Day-2011-Ticketlight hale, nothing a fan couldn’t prepare for, but at least 10 percent of the seats were empty when the game started and only a third were filled for Mo’s last pitch.

What happened to the fans that saw Pettite in 1996 win the opening day game in a snow storm or Matsui’s game winning walk off grand slam in his first game at Yankee Stadium to end the opening day game in 2003 in the pouring rain?

The Yankees started off the season well with the new threesome of Joba 6th, Soriano 7th, and Rivera 8th, JO, SO, MO. Hoping this group will shut down the opposition like Nelson, Stanton and Rivera did in 1998 when the Yankees won 114 regular season games and Opening-Day-2011-pregamethe World Series. With Teixeira starting off hot the Yankees won the opener 3 to 6 over the Tigers. The Moose threw the Ceremonial pitch before the game and the West Point Cadets held the flag in center field.

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