Norwalk Maritime Aquarium – Meerkats?

by Randy B.

I’ve been a fan of Stubstory for a few months and stumbled across a story about the Maritime maritime_aquarium_ticketAquarium in Norwalk, CT written by Charly P. I go with my kids a couple of times a year and thought it would be fun to share.

First of all, it’s a place the kids always love, there’s lots to look at and a small play area (bring your hand sanitzer) so it’s easy to kill a weekend afternoon there. As for the article by Charly, we heeded her warning about “lazy pizza” and had burgers and fish and chips instead. Still not sure what “lazy pizza” is – but we decided to play it safe!

As for the Aquarium itself, it’s a great place and if you’ve ever fished the North Atlantic you can see a lot of the fish you’re supposed to come home with after a day on the boat. I think the kids’ favorite is the pool where you can touch the rays, for me it’s always watching those sharks swim around.

Couple of suggestions:

seal1) When you watch them feed the seals, don’t sit in the little arena – stand off on the left side. It’s a long-ish show and the kids don’t have that much attention span – so you can shuffle them into position to see a little and get out once everyone has watched them get fed and act cute.

2) Meerkats. Keep expectations low. They are cute, but sleep alot. You almost never see any action, the room’s a little stinky and this isn’t just a grown up’s opinion, they pulled me out to make little sailboats pretty quick.

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  1. Very nice. The Maritime Center is fantastic and also the only real IMax in Fairfield county. We love the shark tank and the special exhibits never fail .

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