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Nets vs Pacers – Did someone say Keystone Kops?

By Mickey M.
Another loss for the Nets, what’s new about that?  And the Pacers didn’t play any better. Nets Pacers Ticket Stub

Even though the Pacers only had 15 points in the first quarter it wasn’t the Nets defense, it was Pacers that couldn’t hit the net and just keep turning over the ball. That was about the way the game when, poor playing on both sides.

The funniest play of the game was when the ball bounced and rolled around the floor for about 20 seconds with both sides unable to get a hold of it, it looked like a Keystone Kops comedy skit. I will assume the Nets wife’s are making plans for their vacations in mid April because there will be no post season for them.

Nets Pacers Program

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