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NCAA Tournament – Round 2 – 2001

By Mickey M.

This was the 2nd round of the tournament, and we got to see some big name NCAA-Tournament-Ticketteams go at it. USC vs. BC and Kentucky vs Iowa.

There were plenty of tickets so we had 3 carloads of people head out to the coliseum just to see the games. Noone had any real rooting interest. In those days the NCAA didn’t ban beer – so you could have a few, or more, and kick back for an NCAA double-header.

I think the 1st game was a bit of a surprise – with the closest team BC getting bounces by USC. I remember there were a lot of BC people there and after they got beat,  the crowd thinned out, and we moved down real low to the good seats. We had to split up but it was worth it.

Kentucky was and I guess will always be a powerhouse – back then they were coached by Tubby Smith – he had a good run. They lost in the next round to USC.

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