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NCAA Final Four 1985 – Georgetown v. Villanova

It was the best of times, till Nova shot 90 percent (we all know why!) and the best team in the country couldn’t beat a game Nova squad for the 3rd time in a season……

Me, I was comfortably housed in a Winnebago in a parking lot outside the “headquarters” of the GU hotel/party central. A Winnebago with 11 guys, 1 girl (no to your next question) and what I believe to be the first delivery in Kentucky history of cases of beer to an RV in a Kentucky parking lot.

The crowd, and this is your call this is to verify, add to contribute – slander will be edited – includes Tom B, Jeff P, Rich C, Andrew B, Geoff C, Steph D, was Chris J also on that ride?

With a romp of St. John’s behind us, I think only the GU fans knew that Nova might give us a game. Whether or not the Nova point gaurd Gary McClain’ admission to cocaine use was the reason, we still rolled out a bunch of 1st rounders and got nosed out by a team we just couldn’t beat

three times in one year.


Sleeping in a tanning bed for some peace and quiet

Hawaii Five-O onto the carpet

Hearing the PA announcer spitting out all those records for shooting percentage for Nova – please try to tell me Gary McClain was the only 1.

I may be bitter – but only because I don’t have a stub from Seattle the year before.

Comment welcomed.

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