My quest for a team to root for (continued)

by John Santos

Getting quite the deal on eBay for a pair of tickets, I headed down to the stadium.  Arriving was a sad sight to see.  As the Chivas_KC_Ticket-Stubmatch kicked off, there couldn’t have been more than 9,000 people in the stadium.

“If only 1/3 of the people who were at the Coliseum the other day (92,000) had come to this, it would have been a sell out crowd,” I told the person sitting next to me.

It certainly didn’t help that this match also ended by the same 1-1 scoreline.  I wasn’t impressed with the play on field nor by the crowd.

“There had to be a better offering with the others guys (the Galaxy),” I thought.

Did this performance turn me off so much that I’d be partying with Galaxy fans the following season as they welcomed a high profile signing from England?

To Be Continued…

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