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My first trip to Disney

By Lydia Rosengarten

My first trip to Disney when it was actually affordable-this dates back to Disney-MagicKingdom-Ticket1977 when I visited Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Fla with my 7th grade friend Erika and her mom.

We bussed it for 3 days from NYC for a 3 day visit and a stay at a crappy roadside motel, albeit with a small pool. It was magical though, no other parks had yet been built, $6.50 for a book of tickets.

I have since been back as an adult with my 2 girls now 8 and 17, a wopping 28 times. No longer costs $6.50 however. Still etched in my memory though that first time!!

sources: fashionablyyours.ca & vintagedisneylandtickets.blogspot.com

Title: My first trip to Disney

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