My First Night Game

By Gretchen K.

In the process of cleaning my desk I found these tickets (stubs) from a Philliesphillies-ticket-stub game I attended summer 2009. It was the first night game I ever went to.

It was an absolutely a beautiful night. The Phillies lost…however…but the time spent with my children, husband, aunt & uncle was priceless!



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  1. I live on the Gulf coast, and a couple of years ago, diinrvg from Beaumont to Houston I saw green lightning. It was a dark lime green flash that happened only once, in a rainstorm to the south of me toward the ocean. It was a huge flash that seemed to originate in the upper parts of the clouds and spread out at or near the ground. I thought it was a meteor, but there was no mention of it anywhere in the news. It looked eerily like the image in Independence Day when the White House was blown up, but this was long before that film. It freaked me. I must’ve told 50 people about it, and no one had ever heard of green lightning, except for one Continental pilot that I met. He told me that it’s seen, rarely, while flying, and I recall he said it’s an unusual confluence of solar wind, magnetic field, and charges between clouds that will cause it, similar to the Aurora Borealis.

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