Mumford and Sons – Monterey Ca.

Mumford and Son – Monterey Ca.

2 years ago a song came on the radio I had never heard before. It grabbed me MumfordandSonsTicketout of my seat and I called the station to ask who the artist was. Mumford and Sons the DJ told me and my response was.. who? I ran out and got the CD, Sigh no More. Since then I have bored my whole family listening to it over and over and over again! Then, in May it was announced they would be touring in the United States. There would only be 4 shows and one was going to be in my hometown, Monterey Ca.

I was so excited. I told EVERYONE on Facebook and none of them knew who this band was. I didn’t care, I was on cloud 9! I waited online refreshing my browser till the tickets went live and I snagged a pair the first minute they were available. For the next 2 months I tortured friends, family and strangers Mumfordpicturewith news of this show. I got a lot of funny looks and linked a lot of there music on You Tube to try and persuade future Mumford fans.

The weekend finally came. I got a baby sitter and left town with my husband. When we got to the Fair Grounds the mood was electric! It was dubbed a “Gentleman’s Tour” and people were running around in top hats and big fake mustaches! Our tickets were actual passports. They had pages in the back for stamps and as we saw shows we got stamps. Proof we were there, WE WERE THERE!

The passport book front cover was the gentleman of the road insignia. A man with a top hat a mustache and 2 guns. This was an image plastered all over Monterey in the days leading up to the show. On the back was my name. MY NAME was monogrammed on my passport. It does not get any cooler than that! The ticket itself was one of those cool holographic ones. The kind if you turn it one way the image changes. This was by the far the coolest ticket on Earth. They did not remove it at the gate, they left it on the passport for safe keeping.

The concert itself was unreal. I have never heard a live band sound so polished. They came out in the dark. Nothing but some pale blue light showing the silhouette of the band. They played that way for about 3 minutes and then, the music grew. It grew and built and suddenly all the lights came up and the crowd went crazy. People were stomping to the beat, hands in the air, screaming.

We were packing in there like sardines but we did not care. We were all united by the band. The sound of the banjo, the beat of the drums. It was like a dream. It was my dream and it came true!

by Caffeinatedkat



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