Michael Bublé in Brazil

by Alba Scarpa Mendes

I’ve heard of Michael Bublé for the first time not long before his first concert in São Paulo/Brazil in 2008. Good, as Michael-Buble-Ticket-Stub I didn’t have to wait too long to see him singing live!

My son introduced me to some of his music in the beginning of that year. In a few months I’d have some of his cd’s available in my city and could not stop listening to him! My son also told me that he’d be coming and 4 months (Yes! 4 months) before the concert I was buying the tickets that would be sold out in a few days.

My mother, who loves all types of music as much as I do also fell in love for him and we went together to the concert. In fact her ticket was my gift as it would be her birthday some days after the concert.  The funny part of this story is that I hadn’t seen him singing so far, just listened to his CD’s till the day of the concert!! Why did I do that? Well, when I knew about the concert I sort of wanted to keep the mystery of how he looked, the way he used to sing.

Michael-Buble-Brazil-nov-18So my first vision of Michael Bublé was when he got on stage! God! He’s so young!! How can he sing like that all these amazing songs being that age? That was my first thought.

My mother was absolutely hypnotized! Will never forget her face while he sang one song after another and each one more beautiful than the other!

It was an amazing night and I regret till today not buying the ticket for the second night in São Paulo.

Now, we´re waiting for him to come back to Brazil  and this time we´ll be in all concerts!

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