Meatloaf – ‘Nuff said

By Mickey M

(thanks for putting this online for me again! Today July 17th, is my wife’s birthday and she’s a huge Meatloaf fan – I told her I’d ask and you actually did it! – Go Stubstory!”

It’s too bad that only a few Rock groups ever put an album and concert together as good aMeatLoaf Ticket Stub MeatLoaf with the release in 1977 of “Bat Out of Hell”.

From the opening notes on the piano to the when he ask “Praying for the end of time, So I can end my time with you!!” it well conceived and choreographed. We saw MeatLoaf a few months after the release of the album early 1978 and we were not aware of performance we would be treated to on stage that night.

The album has become one of the best selling of all time and still sells more or less 200,000 copies a year a testament to the quality of this masterpiece. We left the concert life time fans of Meat Loaf and this album. Also Phil knew what the song was about when he did the play-by-play commentary for “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”.



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