McCartney in São Paulo – 2010

by Alba Mendes

Never thought I´d see a Beatle playing live.  But it happened. My son Marcus who  loves all kinds of Paul-McCartney-Ticketmusic (I think I’ve said this before) and of course would go to see Paul McCartney playing in our city,  invited me to go with him! How could I say no?

Up and Coming Tour, November 21st 2010 in São Paulo, Brazil. Just for the beautiful ticket I knew it would be wonderful. And there we were!  We arrived long before the concert to start, so we could get a nice view of the stage and being there close to the stage I looked around, something caught my attention.

Thousands of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, grandfathers and grandmothers all together to celebrate music! It was an amazing experience and also a different emotion. We were all there to see Paul-McCartney-big-screenPaul McCartney! Almost 70,000 people absolutely happy to be there and in peace! Music is really powerful. It can put generations together and they all seem the same age or ageless….

It was a unique experience to see Paul singing all those songs I´ve heard all my life.  Yesterday moved me to tears. We all sang along one song after the other. He even put the stage on fire!  I could feel the heat from where we were!  Paul talked a lot with the audience, told stories about many songs, mentioned also about the times with The Beatles and even tried some words in Portuguese and did it very well!

His band is absolutely fabulous, I needed to mention it here.

Paul would say later in an interview: “I think that the first show in São Paulo was amazing (he did 2 concerts in São Paulo last year). Brazilians love my music, so we love playing for them and it as an outstanding presentation. One of the best concerts ever. It was brilliant.

He is completely right. it was a perfect night. And that night I felt that the world could really be as one.

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  1. Love the story Alba! Just saw all of those recent unreleased photos of The Beatles…an absoultely amazing collection!

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