Maritime Aquarium Visit (a kid’s perspective)

by Charly P

It was first time going there with my Daddy. Even though I went there before I like looking at maritime-aquarium-ticketeverything so I wanted to go again. There’s such cool things there so I figured, “let’s go again”

I saw the seal show, I saw the sharks it was so cool.

And I saw Jellyfish. They also have Happy Feet in 3-D – then we ate lunch in the cafeteria (and I have a cafeteria in my school – the pizza sometimes gets a little lazy sometimes which I don’t like – but maritime-aquarium-imageI guess that’s ok).

Then we looked around some more – then we went home.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Charly! Sounds like you had a blast with your Daddy. Not sure what “lazy pizza” is about, but it can’t be all that bad. After all, it’s PIZZA.

  2. Petra, nyissd az aboaklt! :)))Andrea, kf6szf6nf6m fe9rj neve9ben is ;-)Katucikonyha, pizze1ra fel!!c9va, kf6szf6nf6m fe9rj neve9ben is. Bizony, az ő műve (me9g be is ve1se1rolt hozze1, e9s el is mosogatott ute1na, vagy azt me1r e9n??). Nagyon fcgyesen forgatja a fakanalat is, ha kell 😉

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