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Oh My God/that’s The Way I Like It

I saw Liz Phair on December 15, 2010 at the Paradise in Boston, one of my favorite venues. This was my forth time seeing her, and by far her best show to date.

She was touring in support of her Funstyle album, the album that she lost her label and management over. It’s probably her weakest album to date, but if you’re a Liz Phair fan, it’s not bad. She only played two songs off of Funstyle, the rest was her earlier work.

The first time I saw Liz was back on the UNC campus opening for Alanis Morissette in 1999 for her Junkie Tour. Liz was a nervous performer and dwarfed by the bad sound system and cavernous venue. More recently I saw her perform her fabulously underappreciated Exile in Guyville album at the Paradise. This most recent show was much less structured and I think the intimate venue and being able to play what she wanted (and could remember) helped Liz put on a great show.

You know those annoying people who know every Liz Phair lyric and sing along? I’m one of them. I had an amazing time. The guy next to me was reverently entering the set-list into his iPhone. There aren’t many people who have a lukewarm reaction to Liz Phair, people either like her or don’t. I think she’s terrific and it was a great show.

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