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Life as an Atlanta Falcon Fan

by Martha Hernandez Collazo

(a Stubstory favorite re-printed for an original fan – Happy Belated Birthday Martha!)

I don’t know about you guys, but my heart is still hammering away in my chest. The Falcons are footing my medical bills after the last two weeks. So many great moments in this one and so many that nearly made me put my fist through my monitor, but at the end of the day, Matt  Bryant and Roddy White saved this. Harvey Dahl… and White forcing the fumble on Clements’ interception return was a truly great moment, and White promptly backed it up by marching down the field. Matt Bryant did it for us AGAIN…WE LOVE YOU!

Talk about a great game and rejoice in the close win. There’s was alot of pressure, but the Falcons did again for us, for now, please enjoy this one. Go Falcons!

Title: Life as an Atlanta Falcon Fan

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  1. Martha your the best!!! Im sooo happy to be in good company with a fellow FALCONS FAN WhooooHooooo

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