Leslie West plays Houston

by Joseph Terrazas

Came to Houston to a small venue (Rockerfellers) and we walked across the parking Leslie-West-Ticket-Stublot, we saw his tour bus, and stopped at a restaurant next door to get some cards for autographs. He gladly autographed the restaurant’s cards, then we went on inside to catch the shoe, it was incredible.

He stopped and gave a moment of silence for Felix who had been shot by his wife but he did all the old standards (Mississippi Queen) theme for an imaginary western.

Leslie-West_AutographIt was a lot of fun, I’d seen him in Florida with West, Bruce And Lang. The venue was small, I talked to his dad and hid dad autographed the card with their real name Lester Weistine!! The Pics are of the hard rock cafe N.Y. Popallardi always dressed up like a Himalaya Sherpa. they were a very exciting group.

Thank you. Joseph Terrazas



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