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What MIGHT have been – the last Yankee post for 2010

Even if what should have happened did happen, nobody outside the House that Ruth built would have known, cause in NY – the cable network that Fox is on was blacked out in  a “dispute” over money and the early games of the series basically didn’t exist.

So, I didn’t watch the World Series, did the Yankees play – did we win? Is there life West of the Hudson river?

True the Rangers did suck it up against the Yanks, the only true baseball team in town (at the writing of this post – the Mets trainer is being interogated by the FBI for gambling on baseball  – he probably cracked a bat over Beltran’s knee at some point this season to cover a debt to Tony Soprano!) . Good for Texas. Also good for San Fran – who got the benefit of a going up against a team who had already accomplished what they set out to do.

All the Rangers wanted for Christmas was to beat the Yankees and get to the Series. Someone forgot to tell them to try to KEEP winning. Alas, they didn’t show up.

Anyway, I know this stub technically doesn’t count as a “game-day” entry – but despite that, I can still imagine that we were there. $15 beers washing down $12 hot dogs. $200 million in payroll strutting out onto the field.

Till next year and opening day – from the Yankee World Series 2010 -thanks Stubstory for letting me vent.

PS. Cliff Lee Yankee Fan Club Members – your dues are already late.

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