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Lady Liberty and the In-Laws

by Kieth Faith

My wife’s family came in for a long weekend stay and I had told them months statue-of-liberty-ticketago if you want to tour any place special tell me now so I can get tickets. The week before they show up they tell me they would like to see the Statue of Liberty.

On-line I go to check for tickets and find out to get tickets for the Crown you need to plan 5 months ahead of time and that for the Pedestal at least a month ahead of time. So I only could get 3 day flex tickets which permit you to walk around the grounds below the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I was also told to get there before 10:00am or you could be on line for 2 hours for the boat ride over.

YOU try to get in-laws up the morning after they fly in, well it’s hard. We finally get down to Battery Park around 10:30 am and the line looks like it’s 200 yards long outside of the security building, also it’s raining hard. As we have Flex tickets we decided that trying again the next morning and earlier was best, so we spend the day in the MET. The next morning I get everyone up and moving, were on line by 8:30am and take the 2nd boat out.

statue-of-libertyWe also were able to get upgrade tickets for free for the Pedestal, I assume they had some extras sitting around. We had a great time walking around Miss Liberty. On Ellis Island we visited my family’s names on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor . It was an excellent sunny day and a time we all will remember. I know they took enough pictures to remember it by. Go when you have the time, but plan ahead.


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  1. Hey Cool Story.I took some pictures of inside the statue where you can see the molding of the metal and the windows inside her crown, but how might I share those pics with you. thanks joseph Terrazas

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