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Kiss 1974 – Rock and Roll all Night

None of us knew what to expect when we went down to see KISS at the old Valentine theater in 1974. WOW!!! the pyrotechnics were hot enough to singe your hair and Gene was spewing blood to the point the place looked like a crime scene. It was an incredible live show!


Some Kiss Trivia to Impress your Friends

1) What was Gene Simmons’ given name at birth?

2) What happened to Ace Frehley on stage in Lakeland, Florida on December 11, 1976?

3) Is Paul Stanley’s star on his right eye or his left eye?

4) What year did KISS do a “Got Milk” ad?

5) What was the title of the first KISS album?

1) Chaim Witz   2) He was electrocuted.  3) Right eye.  4) 1999  5) KISS


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