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A Gambler’s Christmas – Kenny Rogers

By Cynthia C

The seats that we purchased at the Lynn Auditorium were not the way they were explained.

My friend is handicapped and we were put in an area that was hard for her. She needed to be easily accessible to the rest rooms. The camera’s and spotlights were set up so that it made it impossible to get there, without her going down and then back up stairs.

Following Kenny’s first set, we were brought down to better seats:) a lot closer too !! I do want to say that the concert was fantastic ! Kenny did a wonderful job.  He sounds just like he does on the cd’s I own. He is a great entertainer. I was quite surprised to see and hear Billy Dean there too! He is a great singer/entertainer, as well.I have always loved the song , “Let Them Be Little” and boy was I happy when it was being sung by Billy at the show, to a wonderful slide show of the cutest little kids. It actually brought a tear to my eye.

The stage was set up wonderful, with the looks of Christmas and at one point they even had the look of real snow falling. The children and choir that were involved in the show were excellent singers and beautiful too. It was a wonderful show.

I love that Kenny sang his classics such as..”Lady”,  “The Gambler”  and “Through The Years”, as well as the Christmas songs. It was worth every penny !

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