Kansas City Royals,The Yardbirds and Dan Quisenberry

by Joseph Terrazas

My boy Sonny & I made our yearly pilgrimage to Arlington to see my hometown team Kansas City Rangers-Royals-Ticket-Stuband the Texas Rangers. The Rangers beat the Royals 8 to 7 in a close high scoring game.

The Royals went on to win the World series that year anyway. But what’s funny, I’m a Rock-n-Roll trivia buff, and one of the Royal’s Dan Quisenberry,  a great underhanded reliever with a great sense of humor. A.K.A. a “jock poet” had gotten interviewed the month before by Joe Garagiola whom had asked him what goes through his mind when he’s called to relief in a game saving situation.

Quiz, always known to give sarcastic responses said “in the 60’s there was a song called “Over Under Sideways Through” that goes through his mind. Me watching that in Galveston, I thought yardbirds-cover“No man it’s “Over Under Sideways Down”, I bought that cassette, and when we went up 300 miles to see the game. I caught Quisenberry’s attention about that remark and corrected him and gave him the tape. He was really grateful, (we’d always sit right behind the Royals bullpen), and he autographed a ball for us.

Then when he signed on with the Cardinals we’d go see him at the Astrodome around 1988, he’d always come and talk music with me. He rarely blew any batters away, but was a master at getting ground balls. It’s funny how much people appreciate a good song.

He was voted the 7th top reliever in Baseball all time. And was compared with the great Yogi Berra Quisenberryin “Yogisms” who said “if you see a fork in the road take it, and it’s like déjà vu’ all over again” !!

Thank you. Joseph Terrazas

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