Just another day for Duke – Get me a Gyro

by Joel Daniels

I don’t think there are a lot of people who were at Madison Square Garden that afternoon who St.-John-vs-Duke-Ticketwanted to see St. John’s win more than my friend Gary. And he was a Georgetown Alumni rooting for St. John’s in New York City!

Man that guy hates Duke.

So, to tell you the truth, it was kinda funny watching the veins in his head as he hoped against hope for an upset none of us Johnnies even gave a thought to. These games are cocktail parties – but for him – every chance to see Duke get beat is like a personal NCAA vendetta. Oh, and don’t talk to him about Villanova either.

stjohns-duke-boxscoreThere are 2 constants about games at the Garden, which has been recently renovated and I can’t wait to see. The first is that from concerts to the circus to an NCAA slaughter (today is was Duke by 17 – sorry Gary) – it’s the best sports arena on the planet, and second – if you don’t grab a gyro at GYRO II across the street – you’re a vegetarian or a moron (pardon me if you consider that redundant)

Thanks Stubstory for the chance to share my story and pour a little tzatziki into a cranky Hoya’s wound!



Title: Just another day for Duke – Get me a Gyro

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