Josh White Jr. Singer-Songwriter Actor Educator

by Gary S.

We received a couple of free tickets to a concert, to see Josh White Jr. and not having anything else to do that evening offJosh_White_Jr_Ticketto the show we when. We never heard of Josh White Jr. or his father and I also believe the faces of the  audience must have showed the same.

I still remember Josh’s first spoken line when he walked out on to the stage “You thought I was White, didn’t you”. Now he was not making an angry comment, but just hitting the mostly white audience with a statement to make us think about our preconceived idea of a who was going to perform this evening. Josh Jr. started performing with his father’s at the age of 4 in NYC’s  “Café Society” night club, America’s first integrated nightclub. It was a very entertaining even of music and if you have the time and the chance go to one of his performances. Also check out his and his father’s bio, will find a full life, career and civil rights activist.


Check out some music; Josh White Jr. Josh White Sr. .

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