Joan Rivers at the Palace Theatre in Stamford

By “Still Not Sure I Want You To Know”

“Did you say Joan Rivers?”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that since Friday, for every second glance or double take joan-rivers-ticketmy ticket would have paid for itself. Yes for the love of God I did see Joan Rivers on Friday. Me, the handicapped, the fat, the Chinese, the Jews (I think), the Gays, Lesbians and whomever else compiles a cross section of America were privy to all the jokes (and the target of many) that have kept this 78 year old osteoporedic running around stage with little regard to which hip is going to blow out first.

It was a fundraising night for a great cause – Mikey’s Way Foundation. They’re a pediatric cancer group trying to help kids in the darkest hours and the inherent clash between their message and Joan’s just added to the experience of the event. For more information on the charity and their work visit http://mikeysway.org.

Back to Joan. She’s not nuts, or really that funny, but she is committed to her schtick. And man does that lady go. Zipping around stage like she’s on coke, Joan told joke after joke and nobody or body part got the immunity badge.

mikeyfoundationHow many parts of the human body sag to the floor as you get older – no I won’t tell you but trust me it’s more than you think and much more disgusting (think suction). And Cher! Holy cow – Joan tells you she and Cher sit around sipping tea in Cher’s bedroom looking out on the ocean, they talk everyday, the BAM – it’s onto Cher’s transgender son / daughter and 5 minutes of the most brutal slamming you’d ever hear. If my best friend talked about my kid that way he’d get a swift kick in the nuts, not a cup of camomile and a hug.

Look, you gotta respect her, you don’t have to love her. Frankly -I don’t think she gives a crap.


Title: Joan Rivers at the Palace Theatre in Stamford

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