Jimmy Page – The Outrider Tour

Jimmy Page – The Outrider Tour

by Joseph Terrazas

Jimmy Pages 1St Solo Album, The New Material on Outrider was his strongest Jimmy-Page-88-TicketPoint of the night Including ‘Wasting My Time” sung by John Miles as he did play some Zeppelin material too. He had John Bonham’s son Jason on the drums also.

He played a solo “Writes of Winter” A Wailing, Crying and Frustrated Cry That Probably Vented Pages Anger at the Small Turnout for a Sunday night concert.
I really enjoy his seeing him and love his music, he is truly a guitar Virtuoso always looking for a new Musical Vocabulary, he Filters, bends, reverbs, and echoes mixing acoustic melody, electric intensity, and a loving interest in a variety of Musics.

He is just the best. In his studio producing all the experiences he had as a sessionist learning from the likes of Burt Bacharach and others. He is just a very theatrical incredible creative musician.

Thank you. Joseph Terrazas

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