Jethro Tull Live from Toledo

This was a great show and I remember the sound system was unusually good considering it was at the Sports Arena. The band was spot-on tight and the setlist was crisp including Thick As A Brick, Skating Away, Cross-Eyed Mary and Locomotive Breath (but they left out one of my fav’s Teacher).

I knew a guy who was in the high school journalism club and had somehow scored a backstage pass to the show. So we could hardly wait to hear about just how wild it was backstage at a Jethro Tull concert. Chad said.. ‘I got backstage after the show but there wasn’t much of anything going on in the green-room. The band members were all in another private area and it didn’t look like I was going to get any interviews. I finally decided to knock on one of the dressing room doors. The door opens and it’s the bass player wearing some kind of leopard-skin robe. I stammered through my prepared introduction and all this guy said was ‘You want to give it a shake?’ -So I just took off.

Now if you are a Jethro Tull fan, you probably know that bassist Jeffrey Hammond was a childhood friend of Ian Anderson who took up the bass guitar just to join this crazy band of brothers. So, who knows?.. -maybe Hammond realized he didn’t have the musical chops to keep up with what Anderson and Barre were writing. Maybe he was just sick of living on the tour bus, -or maybe he was just to freaking weird to be around.. Hammond quit the tour about 6 weeks later and was replaced by bassist John Glascock. As far as I know, our friend Chad did not pursue a career in rock journalism. -pity.. now I’m telling his story!

Title: Jethro Tull Live from Toledo

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