Jersey Boys – Head Cold and All

I got two tickets from my daughter for Christmas to see “The Jersey Boys” at the Colonial Theater in Boston..I was so excited !! I heard it was a great show..I called my friend Nancy and invited her. She had already seen it but loved it and was willing to go again.

The night of the concert, I was just at the beginning of a bad head cold..but was going no matter what. We drove to the subway and hoped a train into Boston. Well..good thing we left early because it took us a half hour to figure out how to buy the Charlie Pass to board the train…LOL

We got there on time. There was quite a crowd going in. We had balcony we climbed about 5 sets of stairs…Sheesh !!! Then we get to our seats…and I was a bit frustrated because although it is a beautiful theater there is NO leg people must have all been tiny when it was built in 1900.

So here I was sick, could not move, and had to hold my coat on my lap…and to top it all off sat next to two grouchy people..anyways…The show started, it was easy to forget all of my problems, since it was so captivating !! The entire show was awesome..They told the story of Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons. It was interesting to find out how the band got to be, and what they endured through the years. It was done with such perfection. The songs Sherry, Let’s Hang On, Rag Doll and so many more… the colors the stage sets. It was just fantastic. I felt as though I went to all of their concerts that they performed. They really gave you that illusion…

The show ended and we made our way back to the train. We got our Charlie Pass easy this time, since we were now pros at it..We then argued over which station we got on at…well I was right in the end and we got off at the right place and made it home…Oh What A Night !!!

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