Don’t you wish you worked with me

by Jessica B.

At the end of last year my boss negotiated some money for us to do a group Janet-Jackson-ticketbonding experience. We are four very different people, so we had some trouble coming up with something we would all want to do. One is a club hopping British woman.

One is a Northshore “piker,” which is what I call the Boston equivalent of the Bridge and Tunnel crowd. One is a hipster guy with a toddler and baby at home. I was lobbying for a spa day, but the guy wasn’t up for it. We wanted to go to a concert, but what could we all possibly agree on? This is what my boss ended up planning:

March 15, crazy play day at work:
Arrive at work 9am
Leave office 10.30am in a white limo
Arrive Newport Vineyards 12pm
Wine Tasting 12.30-1pm
Tour of Vineyard 1pm – 1.30pm
Lunch at Castle Hill 2pm
Take a walk around Mansions/ Head back to Boston 4pm
Arrive in Boston 6pm
Go to Top of the Hub for cocktails and dinner AND AMAZING HOTDOG SLIDERS!
Arrive at Wang for 8pm for Janet Jackson live and in concert!

I was on the end of the row of my coworkers and the guy next to me was taping the show with a full video camera, pretty obviously for resale. He also had an extreme body odor issue. Janet started the show with some video and then came out and performed her greatest hits. She is in decent shape, and I’m sure if you like her music, it would have been a good show. I lasted for five songs before politely excusing myself. I have to start attending some concerts that I actually like!


Title: Don’t you wish you worked with me

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