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It’s Further – what it is (and what it ain’t)

by Mike T.

It has been about 33 years since my first Grateful Dead Concert.  I have now attended just 3 Furthur Concerts, the most recent last night at the Beacon in NYC.  There was something bothering me these past years and last night I finally figured it out – the only place you can listen to the Grateful Dead is via recorded history and as you know there is a lot of i .

With some help from my oldest friend this is what I learned: You cannot go to Furthur thinking this is the Dead just because Bobby and Phil are there. Sorry to say but there is no Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia at the helm.  Furthur is very good and they sound great – they can “cover” Grateful Dead and other bands very well and they have some of their own stuff and it is all good.

They play very well and sound great musically but no one and I mean no one can sing a Jerry tune the way Jerry did – the heart, spirit of that voice.  So go in peace Dead Heads (one of which I remain) keep the Dead for the car, home and vacation and support Furthur Heads into the future.

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