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The ONLY Grateful Dead show ever on a Fruday!

Yup, it was Fruday, May 15, 1980, and that is NOT me typing Friday wrong. Here’s the story, and my back-up on this is my buddy Tulch – who is the only other person to catch a Fruday Grateful Dead show.

Back in the day – concert tickets where print on (get this) dot matrix printers, and the thing was that me and my friend couldn’t make it to the Thursday show at the Coliseum (besides – a Friday night show had a lot more potential for 2 guys from high school. So, we went to work.

A little pencil here, some eraser and bright market there and


(apparently we lacked the balls to convert the U into and I)

But at the end of the day, we headed out with our Fruday tickets, onto the LIRR and waltzed right on in with the rest of the crowd. Don’t recall a single Grateful Dead tune or moment, but the trip in was half the fun (or more).


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