Iron Maiden – “My First Concert”

by Jeff Kent

This was my first concert.  I had just turned 14 and was a new Iron Maiden fan.  My best iron_maiden_ticket_stubfriend’s Dad got us tickets to see them and he drove us to the show along with his daughter.  We got lost on the way and my friend’s sister asked a guy in a Maiden shirt where the venue was.  He said, ‘if you can’t see it from here baby, you ain’t NEVER gonna find it.’  Turns out we were right next to it.

The show was amazing, even Dad enjoyed it.  A year and a half later my friend died from a heart defect.

Fast forward to 1999 and the Ed Hunter tour which opened just like the 1985 show.  I went with my friend’s older sister and we sat in the balcony and cried like babies.

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