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Into the Woods

by Kelly R.

Into the Woods is/was a Steven Sondheim musical which worked fairy tale Into-the-Woodsthemes into a story of a baker and his wife, cursed to never have children of their own.

I think it ran on Broadway for a few years – though I really don’t recall much of the play. What I can share from this ticket stub is that this date was my cousin Nancy’s 21st birthday – and being the dutiful “big” cousin I took her out for her first legal night on the town.

We started in the village and did a combo bar crawl and cab tour of a number of watering holes all the way up to the theater. At intermission we were outside laughing at the fact the she’d taken 3 trips to the ladies room already (fortunately for only traditional bathroom reasons!)


After the show we went to a wild Russian restuarant – maybe called the Samovar? and drank 5 or 6 different kinds of vodka – flavors we never heard of. After taking the train in, we treated ourselves to an expensive car service home (the driver had to wake us up!)

What a memory – kind of.

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