In search of Daisy Duke

by Jonathan H.

Duke Gardens is what old real money is all about. Anytime we’re talking about 2000+ acres of Duke-Gardens-Somervillemanicured this, and scuplted that – you can’t help but wish you had of taste of what of it must have been like if your daddy had founding the American “freakin” Tobacco Company – politcal correctness aside.

As for me – it was a hot summer day and my date and I drove out in her car. Her name was Daisy – I guess under the circumstances she was in a way the original Daisy Duke (could have pulled it off too!)

duke-garden-picThe place was famous for the gardens – designed I think by the tycoon’s daughter or niece. They we’re built out in a quad and you needed some time to take it all in. Imagine having all that time and money – for orchids and ferns.

Let it be known that me and Daisy “Duke” had a lovely time – now if I can only remember her last name maybe I can look her up on facebook. If you know anyone named Daisy – 5 feet 6 or so, about 46 – who grew up in Staten Island – please leave a message on this post.

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