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I scalped a fake Super Bowl Ticket!

By George Haggis
Super Bowl XLI – February 4, 2006 – The ticket seen here is a fake ticket, a phony, a counterfeit! Every fans’fake-superbowl-ticket worst nightmare when buying in the secondary market. I inadvertently bought this ticket in Miami, FL for $400 thinking that it looked authentic, but still feeling a bit skeptical because of the price.

From the time I bought the ticket (I learned soon after that it was in fact fake) until the time I gained entrance to Dolphins Stadium I became involved in one of the greatest adventures of my “gate crashing” life!

About the author: George A. Haggis is a Chicago native, life long sports fan, and the author of the book “In With the Band: The Adventures of a Gate Crasher,” which features a collection of short stories and personal accounts recounting over fifty events (sports, concerts, etc.) over a span of forty years. Self published by iUniverse $11.95 paperback, $6.00 E-Book.

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