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I hate the Red Sox

First I’m a Yankee fan; detest the Red Sox Nation, and not a Mets supporter.

With that out of the way a friend and I decided to try to get tickets to the World Series, what the hell we live 1986 World Series game 1 Ticket Stubin the NYC metropolitan area. Using the ancient technology, land line phones we call the Ticketron, who was bought up by Ticketmaster, and got tickets to games 1 and 2. This was the series highlighted with the famous Game 6 Mookie Wilson hit thru Bill Buckner legs.

The Mets lost both games but won the Series. Game 1 Tim Teufel’s error in the 7th inning surrendered the only run in the game. Game 2 Dwight Gooden got hit for 6 runs in 5 innings and was the losing pitcher in his 1st World Series game.

The Mets beat the Red Sox in 7 games and have a ticker-tape parade up Broadway to City Hall, which the Yankees have done many more times.

1986 World Series game 2 Ticket Stub

title: I hate the Red Sox

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