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Hoyas Saxa! – What Rocks!

Coming off the win over Syracuse – going up against UConn – really before they began to establish themselves as the power they become was expected to be a solid game – but as usual being 18 and a Hoyas meant expecting a win. With a 74 – 53 finish it looks like this was one of the easy ones.

I did talk to a college buddy from back in the day, told him I was writing these Stubstories, he mentioned that the Connecticut games always seemed to have a lot of UConn fans who traveled. I guess they supported their team well, but since in those days the Big East was Georgetown, St. Johns and Syracuse – remember you can’t spell SUcks with out S.U. – the whole UConn thing never resonated with me.

Another thing I remember as I type this story – is all the time we had as college freshman. Just think about a 1 O’Clock tip-off back then. You’ get up at noon, throw some clothes on – be at the game, then at the pub, then back for a shower, out to happy hour, party all Saturday night, sleep and sneak some Champagne into brunch in the cafeteria for a 3 hour meal on Sunday.

Pretty sure I walked past the library a couple of times that day.

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