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Hoya Saxa – 1982-1983 A Freshman’s View

It’s freshman year of college, and of all the things I forgot – it seems I remembered to hold onto my season tickets to the Hoyas out at the Capital Center.

As a stage setter let’s just say that the last play of the year before will  never be spoken of in my home, and this year we were hoping for something different – despite having lost an all star shooter to the NBA.

It was the year of Hawaii-Hilo, then Game 1 at home against Mighty Morgan State. True I don’t recall the specifics of the game, but I figure this must have been one of those early bonding events (I can visually  the R.A. from our dorm herding his kids onto the bus for the ride to the game now).

This game spoiled me for keeps. Ever since game 1 of my G-Town career – I’ve always loved being on the good side of a blowout – makes everything more fun. True a nail-biter make have a more excitement, and longer. but for me – give me a 25 point halftime lead and I’m a happy camper!

Here’s the G-Town Roster and Schedule for the 1982-1983 season, pretty sure  I’ll be able to send them along (try to keep up with the real calendar) and see how it goes.


Patrick Ewing
Fred Brown
Ralph Dalton
Gene Smith
David Wingate
Horace Broadnax
Michael Jackson
Anthony Jones
Victor Morris
Bill Martin
Anthony Jones
David Blue
David Dunn
Kurt Kaull
Elvado Smith

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