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Honest Muscles in the Steroid Era

I knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary night out – but we did have a friend competing in the finals – and that was good enough for me. Not too many weeks before, my wife and I had been to the same theater to see Little Feat (I think it was Little Feat) but tonight promised to be different.

Let’s start with the over 60 group. For what it’s worth – this was probably the most impressive competition of the evening. I know this event was steroid free – so it was with no small amount of respect that we watched, cheered and even screamed for these local Jack LaLanne’s stretching, flexing and strutting their stuff. The difference between 1st and the rest – stage presence. Like a supermodel on stage – if you “got it” up there – you really got.

The little old dude that won would’ve kicked some serious ass in most of the bars I’ve been to.

True, as the night of slicked-up amateur bodybuilders went on – it did at times resemble a dog show to a guy whose idea of heavy lifting was a 16 oz Tall Boy instead of the standard 12 oz.

Then the moment came. Our friend, the sister of a friend who became a friend herself was ready to premier the new bod. This was not a “fat girl rebuilds her body Oprah type story” no – she’d always been fit – but something in her head said “I want to do this” so she did. It was easy to cheer her on – but the competition was tough (no pun intended).

At the end it wasn’t a first place finish – but truly an example of everyone being a winner. You couldn’t be there and not admire the contestants for their dedication and effort. Smack dab in the middle of Baseball’s steroid era – when everyone knew what was happening, it was cool to see honest people competing fairly.

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